Do you feel stuck? Is your team pressured by an overload of work and clients? Are you struggling to keep up with the changes in your market? We’re here to help.

Success relies on proper execution, carried out through a specific discipline and set of skills separate from your company. Most companies, both for-profit and nonprofit, experience tremendous financial and communication issues when their plan fails to be executed properly. All growing companies must overcome such obstacles, and our team is equipped to get them through it.

We help you measure all antecedent variables and define a plan for engagement. After engagement, we help you proceed with achieving measurable outcomes.



“John has a unique ability to read my team members, quickly assess their needs, and make spot-on recommendations for the next steps towards their successes—and mine.”
CHAD SCOTT • Managing Partner, CORE Health Networks
“John is the one I turn to when I need help making sense of the capital and operations side of my business. It’s good to know I have him in my corner whenever I need a trusted advisor.”
JOHN WILLIAMS • President, JCW Productions
“We have utilized various management training programs over our thirty years in business to help develop our people managerially but our work with John to help develop our upcoming managers to help initiate more proactive responsibility while aiding with growth throughout our organization has been very beneficial to relieving pressure off of a small group of key management staff which has allowed for time to work on more organization advancements overall within our group. This program of training has demonstrated also how potentially underutilized different individuals unique abilities are when asked to step up and take action to advance their respective work areas and help manage activity –people can really surprise you when information is shared more freely and are asked simply to help.”
SCOTT MORRISON • President, JM Test
“It’s really important to me and my partner/brother, Robert for this business to continue to operate at a high level even after we’re gone. Having a strong succession plan is a must. John helped us develop and implement a process to get us there. The stage is now set for the next generation to evolve as owners and executives.”
MIKE MILLER • President and owner, Star Service Baton Rouge
“One of the fastest ways to lose to the competition is to stop growing and learning. John develops our managers and keeps them growing month after month.”
“Working with John Sherk is both impactful and fun! In addition to skillfully providing the management training I knew Sarah’s Pet Care Revolution needed, he showed himself to be a valuable executive coach, internal communication resource, and business development guru for me personally.”
SARAH COVERT • President, Sarah's Pet Care Revolution
“John is a one-of-a-kind individual who is able to walk into any company and optimize it. Personally, our team has doubled our productivity since working with John, providing us tools I never knew existed. Now, we look forward to having meetings because we know they will be time well spent. Thank you for your leadership, John!”
LIZ SHEPHERD • President, Life City New Orleans


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